Dare to do it awful!e

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This guy says a lot in his little toon.

When I was a kid I spent way too much time thinking people sounded intelligent when I should have spent more time thinking they were idiots.

One of the things that made sense to me until I really started thinking about it was the sentiment espoused by several people:

“When you do something you should do it well or don’t do it at all.”

“Anything I do I make sure I do it right.”

“If it is not worth doing right it is not worth doing at all.” “Always give it your best.”

It wasn’t until I discovered I wanted to do something that I enjoyed doing that I realized that kind of sentiment is retarded.

You see I realized there are a lot of things I enjoy that I would never have the time or the resources to be good at. A few things, like math, I simply wasn’t smart enough to become good at. Other things, like philosophy, I would never be able to afford the education to find out if I were smart enough.

It really struck me when I heard a couple of golfers discussing one of their club members. “He’s just a duffer. That is all he ever will be. He doesn’t put enough into it to get even half way good.”

Well, wait a minute. Whose talking? These aren’t pro golfers themselves. Sure, maybe they get in decent games, but compared to the top pros, what are they?


We’re just kids.

We should all do what we enjoy doing first and the quality will take care of itself.



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