Seven Days a Week

When you work seven days a week the days blend together. What day is it today? Does it matter? Why would it matter? You aren’t doing anything different today than you did yesterday and you aren’t going to do anything different tomorrow than you are doing today.

Last year about half way through our seven-day a week stint a woman in the break area told us, “The next person who tells me ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ I am going to deck them.”

Even though you work seven days a week, things still need to be done. Like shopping, weed eating…

Well it is the middle of summer so weed eating and watering have to be done twice as much.

Putting things off till the weekend just doesn’t work any more.

So you come home from work with the choices in front of you. Take a nap. Take a shower. Do chores.

If you find yourself waking up early, which sometimes happens, well, hell, might as well do a quick blog.

Have a good day, have a good week, have a good summer, what ever day it is.