Alternative What?

l was in a store the other day. The kind that has a pharmacy in the back. A woman was dealing with a teenaged girl. She said, “It will only be five minutes.”

Teenaged girl: “I don’t wanna stand around un wait 5 minutes.”

I was thinking what an impoverished inner life the girl must have that she cannot entertain herself for five minutes. I could spend five minutes browsing any aisle in any store just to see something I had not noticed before. How poor the imagination of someone who cannot spend five to twenty minutes perusing a thought they had not had time to finish in the past.

What I said, with a chuckle, to my own (adult) grand-daughter, who was with me was, “If that were one of mine I’d make her stand in a corner for twenty minutes.  Next time five minutes would seem like nothing.”

My granddaughter laughed.

The woman must have heard me because she asked, “How would I make her do that?”

Teenaged girl: “Make me do what?”

The woman: “Make you stand in a corner for twenty minutes.”

Teenaged girl: “Nobody is gonna make me stand anywhere. Just try it.”

The woman shrugged and we moved on.

My grand-daughter said, “She’s right. My kid just started kindergarten and he knows I can’t make him stand in the corner or do anything else he doesn’t want to do.”

So I spent the next twenty minutes mulling over the question, “If there is no alternative punishment to the “alternative” punishment — Is there any punishment?”

I’m glad I’m not raising children any more.

If any of mine act up and refuse alternative punishment they can go home.

No more 7 Days a Week.

So I am back.

I will start blogging again.

Right now my thoughts are simple.

How nice to have a weekend to sit under a tree and day-dream.

I can relax and think about what I am going to blog about next weekend.

In the mean time, take some time out to relax. To dream. To day-dream.

Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground all the time may get the dishes done, the car polished, the lesson learned, and the grass raked (Yes, it is that time of year) but it will never make you an Einstein.

There was a man who knew how to Day-Dream.



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