How to be stupid and ignorant regardless how intelligent you are.

Some people are stupid and ignorant by accident, even though they may have way above average intelligence. Most of these people simply do not realize they can think about a subject differently, or that there is more options available than they are given.

But some people are stupid and ignorant by design.

Most of these people belong to one Ism or another. The two largest at the minute being the Religious and Scientific communities. One refusing to think about anything that is not in their church’s doctrine and the other those who refuse to think about anything that is not firmly grounded in their scientific orthodoxy of choice.

A lot of people do not realize there are, and always have been, scientific factions that are just as antagonistic and divisive to each other as religious factions are. But it is true.

There are others.

One of them being the “Aliens Did It” group. They start out by asking you to by open-minded and consider the possibility that Space Aliens have visited Earth in the past.

Okay, I’ll consider that.

Then they show you evidence that they call proof. There is a lot of it and it is pretty impressive. I’ve personally come to the conclusion Space Aliens have probably visited Earth at some time.

But once you go that far you are suddenly expected by the True Believers that no major event, and few minor events in history have happened without Alien Intervention. Because the True Believers themselves refuse to consider ANY alternate explanation of any event that does not involve Alien Intervention.

The only way they will accept God is if He is an Alien and the only way they will accept science is if an Alien inspired the Scientist.

It is this refusal to consider alternative explanations that creates and maintains willful Ignorance and Stupidity.

Einstein refused to consider Quantum Physics.

Maybe the Aliens just didn’t push him quite hard enough.

Oh well.



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