Nope, I am not.

To those whom it concerns, or not, as the case may be, and to the two who asked me: I am not the executor of Pepper’s estate, assuming she has an estate to execute. My ability to concentrate is seriously impaired at the minute. I am not able to focus on things to be read very well. It is a job I am currently not able to perform. Nor am I in possession of any will that would declare her wishes.

Thank you.



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No, I am not in a good mood. Here is why:

Dear Sir,

Our condolences. We are sorry for the loss of your wife.

By the way we have been informed that your insurance declines to pay her hospital bill. This is only a year and half of your annual wages and a bargain at the price.

Please pay at once or we will be forced to take further legal action.

Okay, I put it in the drawer with all the other medical bills for my late wife the insurance declines to pay.

I tried to put my grumpy, depressed mood in there with it, but it’s just too damn big to fit.



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